Pumpkin Jam Semear

Pumpkin Jam Semear

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A warm and sweet taste, reminiscent of grandma's house, in a golden tone and 100% natural. A happy union on a slice of fresh bread or on a crispy toast. It also goes very well with Serra cheese, cottage cheese, desserts and ice cream. No added chemicals.

Weight: 400g (200g liquid weight)

Mande in Portugal by people with disabilities. 100% natural ingredients.

This is a project developed by Semear.

SEMEAR works with people with disabilities and their families in order to establish bridges between them, the State and companies, which will lead to their inclusion in the labor market. In this way, the latter can have employees who are deeply committed and motivated, focused on giving their best, day after day.

They have thus established a network of partnerships that integrates families, companies, public entities (municipalities), educational agents, specialized technicians and the population in general, making the best of each one available to all, as happens, for example, in the case of individual or corporate volunteering.

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